1. bkr 500-ml Water bottle in “Holiday” ($35)

I love, love, like this 500-ml bkr bottle my buddy Marisol got me for my birthday. It’s half the size of the full liter-sized bkr bottle I got for myself earlier this year, as well as for some reason, I assumption since it’s much much easier to bring around, when I bring it instead of the bigger bottle I end up drinking a lot more water.

Both of them are made from the exact same solid, strong glass as well as have incredibly cushiony rubberized sleeves to completely secure them (and they’re offered in actually lots of colors). Unlike my bigger one-liter flamingo-colored bkr bottle, “Minty” (that’s what I’ve named her) fits into my handbag as well as the cup holder in my car, so she’s ended up being my to-go bkr, while the bigger bkr mainly stays on my desk.


2. Chanel Les Beiges All-In-One healthy glow fluid broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen ($45, offered in six shades)

Yargh! — so obsessed.

I’ve been using this incredible tinted moisturizer a great deal lately instead of full-coverage foundation, like when my household checked out last week as well as likewise on my girls’ trip to Napa, since I can utilize it truly fast!

It has a semi-matte, natural-looking finish, medium coverage, as well as it does great deals of extremely charming pore blurring (#yaaaas). The shade I utilize is called 40, by the way, however it’s likewise offered in five other shades, all with a extremely light floral fragrance.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

3. Trader Joe’s Cocoa Almond spread ($3.99 for a 13-ounce jar)

Nutella is still my primary hazelnut spread since I believe it’s smoother as well as a lot more hazel-nutty, however to its credit, TJ’s “faux Nutella” is likewise quite damn tasty!

It’s their Cocoa Almond spread (but it likewise has hazelnut in it), as well as it’s been absolutely hitting the spot. I grabbed a bottle at TJ’s last Saturday since I didn’t want to drive all the method across town to Target just to get a jar of Nutella…because often a woman just really, really, truly needs to have some Nutella (or something like it) on toast.

I may or may not have already completed half the jar…

4. Honolua surf Co Kaalu Fleece in Pink Lemonade ($49.50)

My parents got me this as a gift on their recent trip to Oahu, as well as I’m full-on consumed with it! The sleeves are the best length, the fleece feels incredibly soft, as well as I like exactly how it already looks damaged in.

I’ve been virtually living in this sweatshirt.

Honolua surf Co is one of my preferred locations to shop in Hawaii. They’ve got great deals of adorable tees as well as sweatshirts for women as well as men, as well as I like that their clothes aren’t brought in every other store on the mainland, so it seems a bit a lot more special than Roxy as well as Quicksilver.

5. MAC Turquatic Body laundry ($35) as well as Hand as well as Body cream ($35)

I believe I pointed out in the Monday Poll that I’ve been battling a tummy bug for a few days. Well, it’s likewise been zapping the crap out of my energy.

Omule! I’ve been freaking tired. I was so worn out that I even dozed off in a booth at the Cheesecake factory in the middle of lunch last weekend!

I believe there may have even been a French fry hanging from my mouth when it happened…

Anywho, all of this rambling is just to state that I’ve been so worn out by the end of the day that I haven’t even wished to shower, which is extremely unusual for a woman who is usually obnoxiously enthusiastic about personal cleanliness.

The only thing that has been motivating me to really clean my stinky self has been a combo of MAC Turquatic Body laundry as well as Turquatic Hand as well as Body Cream.

Oh Doamne! They odor SO great — just like the routine MAC Turquatic fragrance (official fragrance notes include anemone, lotus, orris as well as Corsican blue cedar), only not as intense or “in your face,” so you don’t end up smelling like you just doused yourself with the stuff.


How about you, babe? What are five things you’ve been loving lately?

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