one of my preferred foundation brushes, the No. 2 by Hourglass
Before you relegate that just recently utilized foundation clean to the stack of brushes you plan to laundry later this week (or today), believe it or not, it’s still a helpful tool, even after you’ve utilized it to apply whichever deal with product you’re using on any type of provided day as well as the clean has leftover product in the bristles.

I mean, of program we are going to laundry it ultimately (I laundry my brushes every day), however before that, while we’re still doing our makeup, we can utilize it to…


1. Tone down strong brows

Oops! Uh, oh. We’ve unintentionally used as well much brow filler as well as crossed the fine line between strong brows as well as Groucho Marx.

Ce sa fac?

Well, we can run our just recently utilized foundation clean across our brows a few times to break up our brow powder or gel as well as lighten them up.


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2. The meaning of cheeky

We can likewise utilize our utilized foundation clean to provide our cheeks a boost! After applying our blush and/or bronzer, we can sweep our utilized foundation clean best below the apples of our cheeks to define as well as sculpt their shape.

3. lift that look!

I believe you’ll truly such as this suggestion since it’s simple however makes a huge difference. After we surface applying eyeshadow, let’s get that utilized foundation brush, as well as swipe it from the outer corner of our lower lash line to the outer suggestion of our eyebrow to clean up the edges a bit as well as provide a bit lift to our uite.

4. A blank canvas for nude lips

Let’s make nude lips look even nuder (nuder?). working with your preferred nude lipstick or gloss, swipe nevertheless much product stays on your just recently utilized foundation clean across your lips. Now, this technique works much better if your lips are in great shape. In my experience, if we see any type of flakes at all, our foundation will only draw interest to them.

I only do this every when in a while, as it has a tendency to dry out my lips…

5. Dial back bright blush

Uh, oh! We unintentionally used as well much blush as well as look like we have crazy clown cheeks.

Nici o problema. Let’s just stipple our just recently utilized foundation clean head lightly on top of our blush to tone down the intensity.

There you have it! five utilizes for your just recently utilized however as-yet-unwashed foundation brush.

Farmecul tău prietenos de farmec dependent,


P.S. increase as well as shine, morning glory! After a full day of rain, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, as well as Tabs hasn’t swiped or bitten me (yet).

So far, so great on this beautiful Thursday.


Today I plan to appreciate the bit things, like my seven-year-old tabby alarm clock…

It’s extremely reliable. I’ll provide it that…
…and grilled lemons.

I had this tilapia fish special at Pasta Pomodoro last week. The grilled lemon completely took it to the next level.
I hope you have a downright fantastic day.

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