Are you sure you requirement that eyelash curler?
When it pertains to rules, I believe that a lot of people autumn into one of three categories…

Those who comply with the policies religiously, without questioning.

Those who never comply with the rules, just since they’re policies — you know, the rebels.

And those who comply with the policies only when they believe it’s the ideal thing to do.

Personally, I belong to the third group, however sometimes, particularly makeup-wise, after hearing many times that I must or shouldn’t do something a specific way, I feel like I temporarily lose my capability to judge for myself what works as well as what doesn’t work for me. as well as I’m quite sure I’m not alone in this!


So today I’d like to remind you (and myself) that some makeup policies don’t always apply to everyone. You can follow, or ignore, any type of policies that you want.

Let’s see what a few of these policies are, shall we?

1. curling your lashes

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
After hearing lots of makeup artists as well as appeal gurus state that I had to curl my lashes, a few years back I got a Shu Uemura curler as well as started utilizing it without objection until, one day, I made a decision to avoid the curling step as well as go directly to mascara.


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I realized that my lashes really looked better! I have short lashes, as well as if I curl them, they look even shorter! I don’t understand if it’s since my specific eye shape doesn’t enable me to get as close to the lid as I’d like, however all I can tell you is that it just doesn’t work for me.

2. utilizing extremely light under-eye concealer

Deborah Milano gleam designer Highlighting Concealer in 01 Light
These days, it’s quite typical to utilize a extremely light concealer to highlight the under-eye area, as well as I believe it does look great on some people, however if you’re as dark under your eyes as I am, possibilities are your dark circles will just end up looking grey as well as stick out more.

Nu rece!

3. Contouring with cool-toned products

Diego Dalla Palma Contouring Palette
We hear all the time that we must contour utilizing cool-toned powders or creams since it’s the very best method to simulate natural shadows on the face. As a general rule, I totally agree with that, however often cool-toned products can look ashy as well as muddy on extremely warm skin tones. In those cases, it may be much better to utilize a product with neutral or even somewhat warm undertones. only experimenting will tell you what’s finest for you.

4. applying nude liner on the waterlines

Neve Cosmetics Pastello Occhi natural eyeliner in Avorio/Beige
How lots of times have you heard that applying nude liner on the waterlines will make your eyes look bigger?? however what if you already have relatively huge eyes to begin with? I can tell you from personal experience that it looks quite unflattering.

5. setting whatever with powder

puroBIO Indissoluble Compact Powder in 01
Having oily skin, I’ve always believed that I just had to utilize powder around my face. however considering that I likewise utilize matte foundations, I just recently realized that all I was doing was adding a powdery layer that would just sit on top of a foundation that had already set itself.


Lately, I’ve been setting with powder only the areas where I’ve utilized concealer as well as the center of my forehead, which is my oiliest spot. Adiós, powdery face!

6. utilizing cool-toned brow products

NABLA Brow Divine in Uranus
I hear so lots of people state that brow products must be cool-toned, however in my viewpoint it truly depends upon your hair color. If your hair has warm undertones, your brows must have them too, methinks.

What about you, my friend? are there any type of appeal policies that you believe work for a lot of people, however not for you?

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