Loving the truth that (MAC) “Brows Are It!”
One of my preferred things about being a makeup devotee is watching patterns come as well as go, as well as I’m sure that fashion enthusiasts feel the exact same flash of nostalgia when they see ‘90s styles come back in vogue that those of us who like all things makeup feel when brown lips make a comeback as well as are bigger than ever.

But even though I like complying with the trends, I’m not one for hopping on bandwagons all as well often. Contouring? only if it’s subtle. Strobing? I believed I was already highlighting — what’s different? Sunt derutat…


I’ll be honest with you women (and gentlemen), that’s why I am SO excited that brows are having their moment again. As a child, my grandma applauded my thick, arched brows as well as told me never to pluck them. So I didn’t (I listened to her), as well as though brow fashions have waned as well as waxed from thin back to thick, my brows have stayed my own.

The MAC brows Are It! collection is the brow collection for those who are proud of their brows, whether strong as well as defined or soft as well as natural. Whatever your outlook on brows, this collection has something for everyone!

The MAC brows Are It! Colectie
The MAC brows Are It! collection includes a wide breadth of products to assist you produce just about any type of brow look, in almost any natural shade imaginable. MAC’s website offers product breakdowns on different looks as well as suggests which of the many products released with the collection would work finest for your personal preference.

For an angled brow, MAC suggests their Veluxe Brow Liners ($21 each), a smooth “classic” brow pencil that glides on without tugging to produce a sheer laundry of color that blends with any type of brow color. These pencils are creamy as well as simple to use, with a developed in spoolie that makes product application, placement as well as blending a dream. For me, this is the standout product of the bunch. I like a great ol’ brow pencil, however the Veluxe Brow formula offers a smooth, much-needed twist on traditional brow pencil formulas, as well as it feels comfortable, fresh as well as modern.


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MAC Veluxe Brow liner (from bottom to top): Strawberry Blonde, Omega, Brunette, Redhead, Fling, filthy Blonde, Deep Brunette, Deep Dark Brunette, Taupe, Velvetstone
MAC Veluxe Brow liner (from delegated right): Strawberry Blonde, Omega, Brunette, Redhead, Fling, filthy Blonde, Deep Brunette, Deep Dark Brunette, Taupe, Velvetstone
Longtime MAC enthusiasts like me will acknowledge the brand’s traditional Eye brows pencils ($16.50 each) that self-sharpen as well as provide deep bursts of color. These pencils are finest used patiently as well as slowly as the product is intensely pigmented — trust me, a bit goes a long way. Eye brows pencils produce realistic hair strokes in sparse areas as well as likewise assist reshape the general appearance of your brows.

As part of the brows Are It! collection, MAC has likewise released a number of new products, among them the huge Brow Pencils ($21 each), which function likewise to cream shadow crayons in that they deposit big laundries of color. For those who already have thick, well-defined brows in terms of shape however are looking for an general touch-up or tint, these pencils are suitable as well as make the process of filling out brows quick as well as easy.

Big Brow Pencils have been fantastic for me, as I’m commonly rusing in the morning before work as well as reaching for them as a method to accomplish the look of painstakingly filled-in brows in a hurry.

MAC Eye brows (left to right): Lingering, Brunette, Strut, Stud as well as MAC huge Brow Pencils (left to right): Fling, Coquette, Cork, Lingering, Spiked
Among the most interesting products in the collection (other than the Fluidline Brow Gelcremes, which are not pictured) are the Brow Duos ($22 each), which are traditional brow-friendly powders in MAC’s shadow duo packaging.

The powders are smooth, pigmented as well as simple to blend. If you’re one for applying powder to your brows as well as have the patience to fill them in with a brush, these duos are for you.

MAC Brow Duo (left to right): Omega as well as Soba, Coquette as well as Brun, Cork as well as Espresso


The MAC brows Are It! collection is offered now in stores and, as the products are permanent, you’re not likely to miss out on a hot product while choosing which brow powder or pencil will finest assist you accomplish your perfect arch. I like the wide range offered as well as the consultative nature of the introduce on the brand’s website. You’re sure to discover something you love, as well as MAC has made sure to assist you make that decision.

Until next time, I’ll be right here peering out at you from behind an array oF căutări de frunte, precum și completarea arcului meu de marcă!

Ce produse, dacă există, din sprâncenele Mac sunt! Colecția este cel mai probabil să mergeți? Ceva ce ai vrea să încerci? Aș vrea să aud despre asta.

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