Eyes, courtesy of the new Giorgio Armani Eye Tints in 06 green Iron (my lids) and 01 Obsidian (lash lines)
There is not a tough row to hoe when it comes to ramping up and using these new Giorgio Armani Eye Tints to create hazy, smoked-out eye looks.

They’re perfect for beginners, and/or lazy people (like moi!), and/or anyone hell bent on rocking a “smoky eye ’til I die” lifestyle. You can get a beautifully buffed cloud of hazy fog around your eyes without having to use a zillion eyeshadows.


Of course, feel free to use a zillion eyeshadows on your lids whenever you want (lord knows I do), but sometimes it’s just nice to know you don’t have to. With these, you can do simplified versions of your favorite foggy eye looks with gorgeous gradients in less time than it takes to get to the front of the line at Starbucks, order a delicious drink covered in caramel and whipped cream, and wink at the barista.

Five of the 12 Giorgio Armani Eye Tints, from the left in 01 Obsidian, 02 Minuit, 05 Onyx, 06 green Iron and 10 Senso ($38 each)
Despite the way these look in their tubes, they are not lipglosses (although I can totally see myself pulling one out of my purse at the movies in the dark). They’re actually a brand new line of water-based liquid eyeshadows that can also be used as liners. Interestingly, the formula feels like a cream (they’re thicker than Josie Maran’s Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadows) but dries to a powder finish.

The lightweight, non-sticky formula is supposed to last 16 hours without smudging…


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Truth be told, I do not want to be wearing these or any eyeshadows for 16 hours, because that would mean I’m having a very, very long day. I have worn them for stretches of eight hours, though, and yes, they stayed put without scooting around or settling into the crease…but I had to be very careful. The slightest touch lifts them right off your lids.

As for the coverage, it’s quite versatile. For instance, you can easily do a solid block of opaque color using one as a liner, or sheer one out and do a smokey eye.

From the left: 01 Obsidian, 02 Minuit, 05 Onyx, 06 green Iron and 10 Senso
A few ways to use the new Giorgio Armani Eye Tints…

As eyeliners! just trace your lash line with the tip of the applicator, and then smudge out the edges with an angled brush.

As straight-up eyeshadows. Smear a bit on your lids, then smoke out the edges with a blending brush.

As a base, upon which you can layer other schtuff.

Swatches from the left: 01 Obsidian, 02 Minuit, 05 Onyx, 06 green Iron and 10 Senso

I like these for quick smokey eyes — like when I’m harried or under duress. I’ll skip primer and just swipe one on my lids with the closest eye brush and buff out the edges.

Head over to the Armani counter to see all 12 shades, which come in a range of different finishes: iridescent, matte, metallic and satin.


A dozen shades in a variety of await curious kitties on counters — 01 Obsidian, 02 Minuit, 03 Jade, 04 Emeraude, 05 Onyx, 06 green Iron, 07 Shadow, 08 Flannel, 09 cold Copper. 10 Senso, 11 rose Ashes and 12 Gold Ashes. lots of different finishes, too, including iridescent, matte, metallic and satin.

Wearing Giorgio Armani Eye Tints in 06 green Iron (lids) and 01 Obsidian (lash lines) on my eyes, Milani Powder blush in Coral Cove on my cheeks and Chanel Rouge allure in Insaisissable on my lips
PRICE: $38 for a 0.22-oz. tub
AVAILABILITY: available now online and at Armani counters in the permanent collection
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