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When I started wearing makeup in the late ’80s and early ’90s, there were no beauty blogs or YouTube gurus back then (I KNOW!!).

If you were a teenager of limited financial resources and didn’t have access to a car (or someone with a driver’s license), beauty research usually involved a 20-minute walk to the nearest drugstore to look around, or begging your mom to take you to Macy’s, or asking your friend what lipstick she was wearing that day.


Recommendations from friends was how I found out about most of the makeup I wore in my teens. like my friend Jen, with her beautiful full lips. She was a fan-freaking-tastic walking advertisement for whatever lipstick she happened to be wearing on any given day. She also happens to be the person who got me hooked on MAC Paramount Lipstick, my first MAC lipstick love (thanks, Jen!).

Still lovin’ ya, MAC Paramount!
Cindy, my other high school BFF, used to wear a quad of shimmering bronzy colors from wet ‘n’ Wild, and it was because of her that I ended up going to the drugstore and buying the same thing.

Now that I think about it…the way I found out about makeup by seeing my friends wear it was kind of like how blogs, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook work today, only in person, haha!


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

Following limited edition collections wasn’t a big thing, either, at least for me and my friends, probably because of our limited access to beauty information.

We really didn’t care if a lipstick was an LE shade from the late fall collection, or whether it was from so-and-so brand. everything seemed to move more slowly back then.

Speaking of limited edition launches, MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection is available now at, woo hoo!
Mai multă acoperire de colectare acvatică Mac …

Fishing for ideas With the new MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection: 7 Lip Pencil, Lipstick and Lipglass Combinations
A metallic green and warm Smokey brown MAC Alluring Aquatic face of the Day
The MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection extra dimension Bronzers and Blushes Are Making Waves With Me
The MAC Alluring Aquatic Lipsticks, Lipglasses and Lip Pencils Are off the Port Bow
The MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection extra dimension Eye shadows and Pearlglide intense Eye Liners Are off the Starboard Bow

We also loved reading glossy magazines. They were great sources of beauty information.

I was all about Seventeen, but the funny this is, whenever I would spot a lipstick or something in the magazine that I wanted, I could never find it in the real world, LOL!

I don’t know why… maybe the mall by my house never got the trendy stuff.

There were also far fewer beauty buying options when I was a teen, like, I can’t remember seeing vegan products or cruelty-free. things like that just weren’t a part of the beauty buying lexicon yet.

Beauty shopping was generally tougher. In fact, I remember foundation shopping being a very stressful thing. forget about finding something at the Rite aid or Thrifty that was other than a subtle variation on beige. Basically, you had to go to a department store — probably a Clinique or Prescriptives counter — to find a foundation if you had tan skin or deeper.

Oh! and we didn’t have any big beauty stores like Sephora or Ulta in my neck of the woods.

În nici un caz. I wasn’t even able to imagine what a store like that would have been like.

My 16-year-old self would’ve gone freaking nuts! I never would have left the store. I would’ve been that kid who asked the makeup artists to paint her face with everything and the kitchen sink.

‘Kay, buddy. Spill them beans. how is makeup shopping different today than it was when you were first getting interested in makeup?

Dependentul de frumusețe din cartierul prietenos,


P.S. sending you a sun-shiny hello from northern California today. It already feels like summer here in Marin County. yesterday I went for an afternoon walk and had to cut it short because it was so darned hot that I couldn’t handle it.

Might have to hit up the neighborhood pool today for the first time the season, woo-hoo!


On my lunch break today I’m hoping to make an Old Navy pit stop. They have shorts on sale now, and I need this pair of white twill shorts in my life (on sale for $15!).

I still love the mint green shorts with the pink flamingos I got last year for $10 (I’m wearing them right now, actually).

O zi bună!

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