The makeup and charm blog Monday Poll for March 9, 2015
S-ar putea să vă întrebați “, așa că în Tarnation este acest lucru de luni de sondari oricum!”

Ei bine, nu este exact un sondaj. Este mult mai degrabă o evoluție continuă (devolvare?), O listă de întrebări aleatorii oarecum aleatoare pe care am pus-o la cititori în dimineața zilei de luni în ultimii șapte ani. (Este ca un kickstart pentru creierul tău.) Întotdeauna am încântat să citesc răspunsurile dvs. în comentarii și sper că vă încântați să le citiți pe Mine.

How do you feel about black lipstick?
I think it can look really freaking cool if it’s done in a certain way. I mean, it’s makeup, so you can do anything you want and wear black lipstick however you feel, you know, but for me, I like it when it’s just that strong black lip, and everything else is kept minimal. maybe lots of lashes, a filled in brow and just very minimal skin.

I think it can be very chic, but it has to have the best elements to choose it, and you kind of have to be dressed to suit the black lip, too, because if you’re wearing a black lip and a pink polo shirt, it can be pretty jarring.

Clothing-wise, I’d probably mirror the same aesthetic as the makeup, with very clean lines, something like a black easy shift, or like a black tank top and skinny black jeans.

Do you know any men who wear makeup?
I know a few makeup artists who wear tinted moisturizer and concealer and brow gel and stuff, but in my everyday life, I can’t say that… Oh! — of course I know men who wear makeup! Yes, I follow a few of them on Instagram. They do their thing, and I like that.

Crimped hair: yes or no?
Having leftover visions of bad crimped hair from the late ’80s and early ’90s, buuut I think if you do it in moderation, like a little bit of crimping here and there, it can add some textural interest to the hair.

What’s the first thing you do when you get home?
Let’s see…I open the door, and Tabs is typically at the door, and I say, “What up, play-uh!?” and then I give him pets, because if I don’t pet him best away, he throws a fit. then I take off my shoes, set my purse down and take off my jacket. then I sit at the base of the stairs and pet Tabs some more, because he’s kind of a diva that way.

Are people amazed when they find out you’re into makeup?
Sometimes they are. It really depends on what makeup I’m wearing. If I’m wearing full-on ba-bam! eyes, lips, cheeks, highlight and bronzer that day, then people aren’t surprised, but when I’m typically out and about, like at the grocery store or the dentist, many of the time I’m wearing a toned down version of full makeup.

I guess many of the time when I do meet strangers and they don’t know what I do, they’re kind of like, “Oh, that’s interesting…” and then they ask for recommendations. Obișnuit.


Randul tau. Doar copiați și lipiți următoarele întrebări într-un comentariu cu răspunsurile dvs. Aștept cu nerăbdare să citesc “em!

1. how do you feel about black lipstick?
2. Do you know any men who wear makeup?
3. crimped hair: yes or no?
4. What’s the first thing you do when you get home?
5. Are people amazed when they find out you’re into makeup?


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