When you find retinol thrilling…
Well, hi there, Caturday! ??

This entire week, I’ve been diligently focusing on appreciating the little things, like that first sip of coffee in the morning… Oh! It gives me life!


Or like the cat weaving between my legs as I stand at the sink washing my face in the morning.

Or like glancing over at my bedside table to see new (to me) nighttime skincare treatments…

Retinol, baby! I have seen the light (thank you, Kate Somerville). I just finished a bottle of her +Retinol Vita C Power Serum Firming + Brightening Treatment, and I fully intend to eventually get it again in the next month or two, but before that, I’m trying out Estée Lauder’s perfection pro rapid renewal Retinol Tratament.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

And I’m also trying EL’s advanced night repair serum, too, because I’ve heard good things (like that it’s great for dry skin).

I think I might be on the road to becoming a full-blown “retinol enthusiast.” I see a shelf weighed down by waaaaay too numerous tubes and bottles of retinol treatments in my future…

If you like retinols as much as I do, drop me a comment to tell me about your favorite one! ?

I’m convinced now that keeping retinols/nighttime skincare potions on my bed stand is the way to go, because that way I’m less likely to forget to use them, and I can just reach over and apply a layer before I zonk out.

And now for your Saturday Surfing reading…

Very soon, you’ll be able to try on and test makeup, Sephora-style, at CVS.

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The exact red lipstick Angelina Jolie wears as Maleficent.

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Taking a trip with your kitty over the holidays? Here’s a list of the best travel gear for cats (and yes, it includes a portable litter box).

Purr-haps you’d like to surprise your feline friend with a special treat? national cat Day is just around the corner (October 29), after all. ?

Because it’s the season of le chat noir, here are 13 black cats to add to your Instagram feed.

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I have to wear my hair up and off my face when I work at the bakery, so I’ve been all about scarf tutorials lately.

More hair ideas!

Doing this today. Cine e cu mine?

I’m off to Michaels now to see if I can snag any last-minute Halloween decorations on sale (they get you with those coupons, man), as well as some frosting suggestions so I can practice decorating cupcakes at home.

What are you up to this weekend?


Farmecul tău prietenos de farmec dependent,


P.S. any other California peeps wondering if PG&E is going to turn off their power?

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