using the new restricted edition Clarins lively Light Eye Quartet Mineral combination ($42) on my lids
Well, well. Quelle surprise!

I truly did not expect the cool-toned plum, pink, gray as well as white shadows in the new Clarins lively Light Eye Quartet Mineral combination to get along in any way with warm-toned skin like mine, however then what do I know? I likewise didn’t believe that enjoying Bravo everyday for a month would turn my brain to curdled cheese, which it has, haha!


I assumption if there’s a lesson here, it’s that you just never understand when it pertains to eye quads or truth television.

That is, unless we’re speaking about The Millionaire Matchmaker, in which situation you quite much do understand what’s going to go down, however you (I) keep enjoying anyway since you (I) can’t look away.

(Incidentally, does any individual else miss Dustin as well as Rachel? I believe the show is quite lame without them…)


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

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The Clarins lively Light Eye Quartet Mineral combination ($42)
Vibrant Light Eye Quartet Mineral combination is one of 14 pieces from the new Opalescence spring 2014 collection
Vibrant Light. one of 14 pieces in the new Opalescent spring 2014 collection. Cool-toned, fo’ sho’, however surprisingly wearable, even on warm-toned skin.

On my lashes I’m using Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes in Feline Fierce
Par for the Clarins course, these shadows do remarkably well, blending without a hitch as well as enduring a full 8-hour day without exhibiting any type of fallout, as well as only the tiniest fading. They can be used wet or dry, as well (I’m using them dry).

I’m likewise using the Clarins Multi-Blush cream Blushes in Peach as well as Grenadine on my cheeks, as well as Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick in tropical Pink as well as Lip Gloss in Coral Tulips on my lips, all of which are part of the new Opalescence spring 2014 collection

I just like exactly how these look on lids — gorgeous! — as well as the surface glows ever-so-softly.

Swatches of the lively Light quad
Expect to do some layering, though, particularly if you want something dramatic. I utilized about three layers of each of the colors here, building up the pink, purple as well as gray up until I was delighted with the intensity, however for daily looks, you must be great with just pat-pat-swipe-swiping one.

Good stuff, this quad. I feel extremely Audrey Hepburn in a sphere gown with it on my lids.

PRICE: $42
AVAILABILITY: offered now at Clarins counters as well as
MAKEUP as well as appeal blog RATING: B+/A-

Books — the old-fashioned kind

A Hundred Summers. checked out it! E minunat!
It feels odd to state this, however I haven’t checked out a genuine book, like one with paper as well as covers as well as pages, in — I can’t even keep in mind exactly how long. The hardback version of A Hundred summertime was the very first one in ages, as well as ya understand what? I realized exactly how much I miss reading great ol’-fashioned books.

I’ve grown deeply enamored with my Kindle over the past couple years. It’s practical as well as stores a zillion books — books that don’t end up stacked in piles anywhere or cluttering up the floor.

But there’s still something terrific about genuine books — perhaps it’s the act of physically turning actual pages, the noise of paper touching paper or the odor (am I the only one who digs the method books smell?!) — that I miss.

Este minunat.

Oh, as well as I believe I sleep a great deal much better when I don’t gaze at a bright screen ideal before bed.

Do you still checked out genuine books, or have you transitioned completely to digital? any individual else like to feel an actual book in their hands?


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P.S. Felicitări! We’re over the hump.

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