Coming in hot: seven new metropolitan Decay naked warm Vice Lipsticks ($18 each)
DUUUDE. metropolitan Decay naked warm (we’re gonna talk about the new naked warm Vice Lipsticks in a second). Not to get to deep on you, however if you believe about it, which came first? — nakedness or heat? Like, was it SO hot that clothes were eliminated as well as nakedness ensued? Or were these people — if we’re imagining people dancing around a fire, don’t ask me why my brain goes there — were they naked first, so they were cold, as well as then they had to get better to the terminate to get heated? cine știe?

Yeah, chew on that for a bit.


Ooh, metropolitan Decay, there you go again, throwing one more restricted edition log on the naked warm fire. UD just added seven new naked warm Vice Lipsticks, all influenced by the original naked warm combination as well as lipsticks, as well as the small naked combination last month, as well as this release is like “Naked warm Lipsticks part Deux.” (Because whatever seems much better in French.)

These $18 shades are warm like the colors in a huge ol’ bonfire — burgundies, browns, white wine — basically, great deals of darker colors in metallic completes with a sprinkling of peachy nudes, which, yeah, I know, #karenishashtagbasic, however I truly like them.

First Sin, fuel 2.0, Trip, Faith, En Fuego, Singe as well as Ember
So, I’m always a bit thrown by UD’s Vice Lipstick packaging, because…I mean, it’s nice-looking, however when I pick it up, it feels so insubstantial to me as well as kind of…cheap.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

But then I open them up (!), as well as these Vices feel as well as wear like a $$$$ Guerlain Rouge G.

Ember, a metallic coppery burgundy
Singe, a metallic deep white wine red with glitter
They’re virtually pure pigment in a bullet. With the exception of very first Sin, which is sheerer than the others as well as a lot more of a mid-level cream, when I slide them across my lips when or twice, BAM! — full-color smile. as well as even though you’ve got all this color on your lips, the formula doesn’t pool in your lip lines. It’s smooth, intense as well as regal.

En Fuego, a matte burgundy

Trip, a matte brick brown rose
Faith, a metallic increased gold
I’m likewise always shocked by exactly how the Vice Lipsticks don’t have a obvious taste or scent. They’re like a blank slate. I so commonly partner UD’s lip products, including their glosses, with mint, so whenever I apply one of these, I’m like, “Huh. There’s nothing going on there.”

I don’t mind a lot of flavored or scented lip products (of program it depends, though), however I like that the Vices don’t even go there.

Key themes here: pigmented, warm as well as somewhat metallic. The opalescent bits in the metallics are exceptionally fine as well as understated, so they aren’t in your face, which is so unlike UD’s general edgy rep. even though these lipsticks are still moody as well as pigmented, they’re likewise elegant.

As for the nudes, I believe fuel 2.0 is beautiful. It’s a creamy nude peach, however it won’t make you look like it’s the early 2000s as well as you’re going to the club in low-slung bell-bottoms as well as a satin spaghetti-strap top (I’m currently cringing from the memory of this).

Fuel 2.0, a deep as well as creamy peachy nude
I likewise like the other nude shade, very first Sin, a peach with a pink shift. It’s extremely much in the spirit of MAC Skew, an old like of mine. similar level of pigment, however it isn’t as coral. They share the exact same DNA, though.

First Sin, a creamy peach with pink shift


Most of the colors are offered out on the UD website, however they’re still offered on the Sephora site as of this morning.

Addictul dvs. de recurs comunitar prietenos,


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