using new Tom Ford shade as well as Illuminate Cheeks cream blush in Scintillate ($80)
I like to wear shades (as in sunglasses).

Connor Claire likewise likes to throw shade, which is adorable now, however it may not be in 12 years.


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Now, neither of these types develops of shade have anything to do with the two new shade as well as Illuminate Cheeks cream blushes in the new Tom Ford spring 2017 color collection, however that’s OK.

They’re lovely (albeit incredibly expensively).

Tom Ford shade as well as Illuminate Cheeks cream blush in Scintillate ($80)
The Tom Ford 2017 spring collection is offered now, as well as my gawd! — can we just take a moment to appreciate the drop-dead gorgeousness of this makeup?


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$ 42.

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The Tom Ford spring 2017 visuals are BANANAS!
The collection includes two cream blush duos as well as six lip duos that are all about shade as well as illumination, as in highlighting as well as contouring — playing with lighter shades to catch the light as well as darker shades for shading. with strategically utilizing complementary colors to shade as well as highlight the cheeks as well as lips, it produces balance.

Tom Ford shade as well as Illuminate Cheeks in Sublimate ($80)

I hope you’re sitting down now…because they’re $80.

Yeah, I never get over that shock.

And they’re likewise purposefully sheer…so if you’re all about that #pigmentedlife, you may also go grab a coffee at Starbucks, as well as I’ll satisfy you back right here in a few.

Tom Ford shade as well as Illuminate Cheeks in Scintillate (top) as well as Sublimate (bottom)
If, however, you’re awesome with them being sheer, as well as you’re awesome with creams that are simple to blend, there’s some great stuff happening here.

First, they look really, truly natural, as well as I’m all about my cheeks looking natural these days. If you like using makeup, however you don’t like to look like you’re using a great deal of blush on your cheeks, these are fantastic.

There’s a dewiness to them that makes skin look like it’s been pampered at a expensive medical spa where they utilize mysterious French skin care that you can’t pronounce, as well as serve small cucumber sandwiches on costly China. Skin looks fresh as well as un-fussy.

Scintillate is a peach contouring blush with the peachy pink pearl highlighter, as well as Sublimate is a rosy pink blush with a pinkish beige highlighter.

Tom Ford shade as well as Illuminate Cheeks in Sublimate ($80)
I believe that both of them benefit from a layer of makeup primer used beneath them, in addition to an extra layer of blush and/or highlighter on top, particularly if you plan to have a long day, since they otherwise fade over the program of an eight-hour day, at least on my combination dry/oily skin. Without additional help, they get to where I can’t see them on my cheeks at all.

Of course, I likewise have to state once again that they’re sheer, so they never truly look like a ton of makeup in the very first place.

The secrets right here are that you have to be okay with them being sheer, as well as you have to truly like the look of natural, barely-cheek color.

The closest thing I can compare them to right now is Kjaer Weis cream Blush, which I likewise like (it likewise lasts longer than TF’s, so that’s something to believe about).

I believe these would look remarkable layered under other Tom Ford powder blushes for additional dimension, however they’re most likely finest for die-hard Tom Ford-ies. If you just want a cream blush that looks natural as well as truly lasts, you may want to peep Kjaer Weis instead.

Not to so state that these aren’t ridiculously quite — they are. They just don’t last extremely long.

Cute workout tanks

When I went to Old Navy the other day, I had plans to try on their High Waisted Rockstar jeans, however I was thwarted by this adorable workout tank!

I like the one that says, “She who Dares.” The open back shows off your sports bra, like if you’re using a adorable one with great deals of straps or a bright pop of color. added bonus: it assists keep you cool.


I’m pleased I didn’t grab it in the store, though, since it’s on sale on the internet right now for $12. Woo hoo!

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